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10 April 2013 @ 06:16 pm
Very excited, on June 9th I will be fund raising for Great Ormond Street Hospital with a sponsered  walk around Battersea Park, London with Jack's friends and  Family. Everything is going to be raised in his  name under  the new charity that's being set up in his name, and we're  going to be dressed as superheros. And this gives me a chance for the first time to dress up as Batgirl.

Before people would called Jack Batman, which really, no, no way was he like Batman but meant his girlfriend would always dress as Batgirl. But at the moment she's over  in a different country working and I have the chance to  be Batgirl! I'm going to be Stephanie Brown Batgirl, I mean I love Babs and Cassandra as Batgirl but Stephanie for me was a favourite, (her and Oracle together are wonderful) and I'm very excited to get my costume together. I won't be in a catsuit though, because I can't pull off a catsuit plus it's not the easiet for doing a walk in, but I'm gonna be altering a  tee and jeans and making the belt, cape and cowl etc. I'm just  making a batarang tester now. :D

If anyone would like to sponsor me, even a small amount, it would be most welcome. I think of anything is going to come out of his death, raising money for a good cause like this is what we need to focus on.

I made us a crest too so when  we walk together we'll have patches to show we're all together. 
Calorie the Pink Haired Ninja Faerie Hobbit!
27 November 2012 @ 01:14 pm
Monday's and Tuesday I am beginning to dread now. Mainly because it's extraordinarily frustrating to have to go into the youth group on a Monday and see these kids be very enthusiastic about their work, and then  slowly get kicked down because the teacher can't be happy with just letting them do a panto for their parents. He's angry that they aren't acting in the way he  wants  them to. Well you're the teacher, teach them how to act. Don't blame them and tell them to their face  that it's rubbish. This does not have to be Shakespeare and no one is expecting that! 

Then it's the Little Palace so you know, small children I can't stand. Actually that's unfair. There are a few I get on with, some are very sweet and even Lily who has an attitude is actually a really nice girl, you just got to know how to talk to her. She's 7 but one of those actually a lot older in her head. And has clocked on the most about how unfair it is that everyone gets treated differently  to the teachers son. 

Room is currently covered in foam. Buying sheet foam is really expensive so I've got to cut up old sofa  cushions but that does mean foam bits EVERYWHERE. The rat bodies are  pretty much done, I've got the mouth on but making the head is proving a  bit tricky, just because it needs that ratty shape. Puppet making does rip your hands up. 
Calorie the Pink Haired Ninja Faerie Hobbit!
24 November 2012 @ 12:35 am
I got the holster! Now to wait. And it'll be a long wait since it takes 3 to 4 weeks to be made and then it'll have to be delivered from LA. As will my new Sugarpill palette and then my brooch which is from Australia  so god knows how long that will take to arrive. 

Qweertee is a dangerous website as I keep buying their t-shirts and I don't have the time to remake them. I'm trying to fix up my Joss Whedon t-shirt at the moment as I did a collar on it and completely fucked it up. 

Hoping soon that I will get an e-mail from Kate my tattoo artist. Not to book another tattoo as I don't have the money for that yet, though hopefully I will have the two birds for my grandparents ready and booked for mid next year. Also need to start chatting with her about thigh pieces. And one day I'll pluck up my courage to have my feet done. 
No what I want her for is to design me a logo for my company. I chatted with her for about this but I adore her work and I really want her to do me a logo of a Pink Magpie that I can make as a mascot for it and I will as usual make sure everyone knows it's her work. I told her I would be her pimp. So hopefully she can do that for me, just need to work out cost and things. 

Started planning out my presents too, I don't buy loads for people, just certain people and always make sure  that I put a lot of thought into them. Especially my parents, but my Dad is nearly impossible to find things for. He's getting a phone from me because he doesn't have one now he's retired and it's so difficult to ever get hold of him! 

The best thing about this timing is that everything is having a sale pretty much at  the moment. Getting in there quick as last year I was wrapping everything Christmas Eve and at the moment I'm having maybe  one day off a week if I'm lucky. 
Calorie the Pink Haired Ninja Faerie Hobbit!
23 November 2012 @ 01:42 am
I'm so excited for 8am. For one reason. This!

I've been staring at this since they first put it on Etsy. Literally I would a lot of the time open a browser and just look at it and wish I had it. And thanks to Janet, she's managed to get me some more  money to cover work that I did for the Centenary. And because it's  Black Friday perfectly timed I can get 25% off. I will never want to take this off. And you can wear it in loads of different ways too. I'm going to be getting up early so I can sit ready with it in my shopping basket and pay for it. 

And Moo is also having a sale too which is perfect as I need some new cards and I'm using them as part for a present for someone too. I MAY get some greeting cards done up as I don't tend to do Christmas cards and things but I will make a big thing for presents for certain people. 

Not that I have much time to do it since I'm working everyday and all this work for the kids show I'm working plus trying to get stuff together for the youth groups shows. 

But I have made sure to have the most important day of December off. 13th December ready for The Hobbit! 

Calorie the Pink Haired Ninja Faerie Hobbit!
16 November 2012 @ 03:33 am
Nice evening today, I went out after the afternoon shift with Olivia and Jack's parents for a day at Pizza Hut. Just a nice catch up with everything that's been going on and chatting about things. End of the meal chatted about Jack as we always will. I need to find all the photos I printed for myself when I made a big album for them of all my Jack photos with descriptions of what and where they were from. 

Apparently they have some photos of me that I've never seen. Jack took photos of me I never knew about and because he took me off facebook before  he killed himself and then they have it blocked off now as a memorial so that means no one can search him it's just if you're friends. They didn't want papers being able to search his name around the time of the coroners report and things. Olivia said she's going to sit with me one day and I can get on her facebook and download everything from there. 

This week there's been a few times where I've really missed him. Just miss having him to chat to and laugh with. I've missed the laughter so much, because when we were together that's all we did. I would laugh so much it hurt. 

Tomorrow I've gained some work, I honestly need to work out how many hours I've spent in the Palace painting. Paul the manager backstage has asked me to go in and paint the parade float. I think it's going to be a very boring basic wall again, but I get paid for it so shouldn't argue. Just grey walls do get very dull!

So I should really be asleep but I fell asleep by accident while reading my comic book and not done half of the stuff I was meant to do before bed. My parents are back home tomorrow and I was going to clean up because god knows Alex hasn't bothered! 
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13 November 2012 @ 02:39 am
Woke up late this morning and had really good e-mail. When I was little I listened to an audio version of The Secret Garden by the BBC. I knew it word for word and it was one of my favourite stories. A few months ago I decided to search the author and thought I would give a try of e-mailing her to see how I could go about getting the rights to perform the audio drama as a play. I've been listening to it and setting it as a play in my head for so many years. Turns out the author not only owns the rights  but is happy to let us perform the show!

So today I got an e-mail from her agent so we can start discussing the rights and payment etc. I'm  so excited, I've been thinking more and more about the staging of it. Now that Michael is the manager in the Dixon I can get in there when I want to look at it properly and work out where we could place things. 

And this would be the first time for me Directing too. It's going to be about a year or more until we put it on. I've already been listening to it and trying to get an idea on the changes I'll need to make it right for stage and where we'll be able to place everything. A lot of work with lighting and sound and  animation too. Shadow puppet animation. I'm so excited. I'm going to be getting all my research together and start working on it bit by bit. Hopefully before everything happens I can then have pretty much the entire thing planned  out to show the cast and all we have to  work on is the direction and blocking. 

Love putting on shows! 
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12 November 2012 @ 05:23 am
Was in work for four shows today, started at 9am and then got a break for dinner and as was then back and ended at 10pm. Spent ages clearing out the poster room next to the shop where we sign in and have all out leaflets and posters and everything. It was  such a mess, it won't stay clean for long but I did manage to destroy lots of things for recycling. 

At the moment my room is getting filled up with rubbish. Literal rubbish, Anything that can be recycled for the set of the show I'm working on is coming home with me. I destroyed all the old headsets which are completely redundant and took all the circuit boards and pieces from it to make up some bugs and things for the set. I chatted with Charlotte about it and she loved everything. The idea is to have lots of lights, just all kinds of lights. We have old dud lights we used to sell at work during panto so I look a handful of those and they're  fibre-optic threads so I'm going to make up some flowers using them. The idea is to make it look magical. And everything from recycled materials. It's amazing when you look around and figure out what you can use to create others things. I'm looking forward to setting up the whole thing, I think we've got maybe two three days, well probably two because they need their dress run and technical run etc. 

And we've started  to plan out the trip to France as well. At the moment we're looping around France, two nights in Paris, through Lyon, to Monte Carlo and Canne (right when the film festival is on) and then  through to Toulouse and Boudeaux and then up to Bayuex for the Normandy Landings. But Michael is thinking possibly we could change it for three nights  in Paris which I like the sound of. They said we can do the Paris Catacombs which I'm looking forward to and we'll do all the silly things. I think we'll shorten the amount of stops and stay in places a bit longer to really take it all it. Taking about 8 days so a nice amount of time. 
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31 October 2012 @ 07:39 pm
Halloween, a weird day, this was Jack's favourite day so just feels a but sad, we always were meant to have a Halloween marathon where we did 24 hours straight of his horror film collection. I was painting at the  theatre last night and I just kept thinking I saw  him, but then I think I see him a lot around there because there's not one place that I can go without remembering something. 

The last two weeks have been nuts. Working non stop for the community play, getting very pissed off at the community play and working and then in between some pretty awesome bits too!

A very last minute decision for Kym and I to go see Scissor Sisters at the Roundhouse was something like fate as they announced it was their final tour for a while as they go on hiatus. We cried. A lot. They know us know as the barrier lot and just was too much. Jake's bottom lip was going and Ana was welling up and just sadness. I also got a faceful of Baby Daddy's guitar picks. Here is one of Kym photos to see the funny side. Ana pulls a silly face and still looks good. Fucking beautiful lady! 

And then Kym stayed on so on the Friday we could go up to London to meet up with Lou and Amber which is lovely since I think it was about 6 years maybe since Kym last saw her. Just wandered London, went to the Ballgown exhibit in London and then just chilled  in a Covent Garden bar for a few hours. Sunday Kym left and I met with Rin to see Mark Gatiss' new horror programme and a Q&A which was really interesting. It aired last night but I'm hoping to find a download because it was really interesting. And then Monday back to London to meet Rin again so see Neil Gaiman and sadly  no Phillip Pullman to talk about Philip's new Grimm's fairytales book and the concept of fairytales. 

That's the last thing for a while, well we're going to see a show on Boxing Day now and I'm booking tickets for a show in early December. Amber and I have been becoming each others theatre buddies. It's nice to go see shows with someone else because normally I'm going alone. 

My hands are just covered in dried paper mache. I make mine really thick like just a really really thick glue because it makes the pieces solid. It's for the inside of the two rat puppets I'm making, It's cheaper than finding the foam for the inside and also will make it lighter. I love using paper mache for puppets. This will be the first kind of soft puppets I've ever done. My others have been solid with wooden skeletons.. I have two of those and then three costumes to do and then a set to design. I'm taken a load of umbrellas which are going to create a big tree made from them and a  spinner washing line. Then lights going up it and flowers etc and fans and everything to hide lights  in it. 

Going to know from Toni tomorrow if she's going to be wearing the wedding dress that Mum and I made her on Russel Howard's Good News. It's because it was the  Halo themed wedding and I embroidered  it all with Halo designs and that's Halo 4 release date. Be really nice if it does get on there. I was very proud of that piece. 
Calorie the Pink Haired Ninja Faerie Hobbit!
13 October 2012 @ 03:55 am
Michael's new thing is that he wants myself, him and Dan to do a road trip for a week in France next year. Have to say it's actually sounding really funny. We pick places to go, obviously do Paris and places like that and visit all these places. Dan and I especially saying we like the idea of doing the historical stuff. I'm all for visiting the War related places since always loved learning about that.

And I know it sounds morbid but sometime I would like to visit Auchwitz. I know it's odd, but it's something I've learnt a lot about, just the history and how these kind of things were even allowed to happen and how the camps even managed to be built. I would just like to see it for myself, see right there. Maybe if I see the size of it and such then I could actually begin in my mind to figure out the amount of people lost.

I said before to Jemma, who is Jewish, something that was very odd to me. I was walking around the Holocaust exhibit at the Imperial War Museum. And I thought that if we had been there in that time we would not be allowed to be friends. In fact Kym and I would not be allowed to be friends and they would of been sent away and killed purely because of how they have been born. Which is appalling when you think about it. It wasn't just Jews but gypsies and other people who just did not fit in with the standard that was given.

So yeah, back to the fun thing. He's thinking next April/May time. This would mean spending a week with the guys. I think we'd need to work out a plan to get time to ourselves or we will do each other in. Or I will them. As much as I love them, a week is a long time.

This could work though....
Calorie the Pink Haired Ninja Faerie Hobbit!
25 September 2012 @ 04:14 am
I'm going to see The Trench tomorrow with Rin in the Old Vic Tunnels! So very excited! It's by Les Enfant my favourite theatre group, we went to see their one off London preview and it's got masses of 5 star reviews when they went to Edinburgh so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've done to tweek it. I've not seen enough theatre!

Hopefully Georgie will hold up to the plan she had of making a big group trip to see The Book Of Mormon when it previews in London in the new year. I've just started listening and it's addictive and very funny! Clever lyrics and that really nice happy music from musical theatre but not in a silly way.

Also got what would technically be my first paid costume design job. With Dark Waters and Nineteen12 I've been designing but for free. And I've not done the costume for other shows just bits and pieces.

In this I'm designing puppets, costumes and set! It's for a friend from work, a kids show, based on Pinochio but all about recycling. So basically everything needs to be from recycled materials. Which for me is my favourite kind of working since with the past shows all I do is recycle and reuse things. I can really go to town with it all. I've got the Professor (Gypeto) which I really like the idea of a coat just covered in electrics and bits and pieces. The fairy I'm most looking forward to because I can go over the top and glittery and make it really nice but in a none typical fairy way.

And the two puppets are rats. Well, rats make me happy full stop!